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Clinical neuroscience, Development and aging

Postdoc explores roots of math in brain

November 22, 2012

Psychology postdoctoral fellow Ian Lyons said the idea of math anxiety could, in some ways, be compared to other phobias, such as driving or ...


Culham appointed to new, innovative journal

October 23, 2012

eLife, a new high-profile, open-access biomedical journal, has just been launched with Western professor Jody Culham on its Board of Reviewing ...

Imaging methods

Western neuroscientists breakthrough on physical cause of vegetative state

October 03, 2012

In support of the study titled, “A role for the default mode network in the bases of disorders of consciousness,” Davinia ...

Clinical neuroscience, Perception and action, Cognition and behaviour

Western researchers explore secret origin of déjà vu

August 10, 2012

Most people have been in a situation that suddenly feels strangely familiar, while also realizing that they have never been in that specific place ...

Development and aging, Imaging methods, Clinical neuroscience

Neuroscience: The mind reader

June 13, 2012

Adrian Owen has found a way to use brain scans to communicate with people previously written off as unreachable.

Computational brain sciences

Big Blue’s gift to bring order to data

April 19, 2012

Announcements, Imaging methods

Neuroscientist wins Grammy award

April 13, 2012

Grahn, a neuroscientist at Western, has been awarded a grant from the Grammy Foundation for her ongoing research in studying how the brain senses ...

Finding ties between music, the brain and how we move

January 24, 2012

Led by psychology and music professor Jessica Grahn at Western’s world-renowned Brain and Mind Institute, this new facility will help ...

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