Thermal Biology

Thermal Biology at Western Biology focuses on the effects of temperature on organisms and biological systems, including both low and high temperatures. Research strengths include physiological mechanisms of heat tolerance in vertebrates, cold tolerance in insects, the impacts of climate warming on plants and soils, and hibernation physiology.

Regular or Term Faculty

Thermal Biology Regular or Term Faculty


Research Interest

Hugh Henry Terrestrial plant ecology
Zoë Lindo Community ecology, Soil ecology
Bryan Neff Molecular and Behavioural Ecology
Brent Sinclair Insects at Low Temperatures
Jim Staples Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry
Danielle Way Global change biology, plant physiology and ecology

Adjunct, Emeritus or Cross-Appointed Faculty

Thermal Biology Adjunct, Emeritus or Cross-Appointed Faculty


Research Interest

Norman Hüner
>Photosynthetic Adaptation and Phenotypic Plasticity in Extreme Environments
Amanda Roe
(Natural Resources Canada)
Systematics and Evolution; Environmental Biology; Molecular Ecology of Insects and Pests of Forests

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