Environment & Conservation

Research in the Department of Biology at Western places a heavy focus on all aspects of the environment and conservation from genes to ecosystems. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the consequences of global change on biodiversity, biogeochemical cycles, and how organisms adapt to changes in their environment. Members of our Department study a range of different taxonomic groups including microbes (protists, fungi, bacteria), invertebrates (insects, mites, spiders), vertebrates (birds, fish, mammals), and a wide range of plant species. This research takes our faculty to lakes and oceans, forests and old-fields, peatlands, polar systems, and soils in our own backyard.

Regular or Term Faculty

Environment and Conservation Regular or Term Faculty


Research Interest

Brian Branfireun Ecohydrology, biogeochemistry and wetland ecosystem science
Tim Hain Animal social behaviour
Hugh Henry Terrestrial plant ecology
Keith Hobson Biological conservation, isotope ecology
Nusha Keyghobadi Molecular ecology, landscape genetics and conservation genetics
Zoë Lindo Community ecology, Soil ecology
Jeremy McNeil Behavioural and Chemical Ecology of Insects
Yolanda Morbey Behavioural Ecology; Seasonal and life history timing
Bryan Neff Molecular and Behavioural Ecology
Brent Sinclair Insects at Low Temperatures
Vera Tai Microbial Ecology and Bioinformatics
Greg Thorn Fungal Ecology and Systematics
Danielle Way Global change biology, plant physiology and ecology
Liana Zanette Wildlife Population, Conservation, and Behavioural Ecology

Adjunct, Emeritus or Cross-Appointed Faculty

Environment and Conservation Adjunct, Emeritus or Cross-Appointed Faculty


Research Interest

Erik Emilson
(Natural Resources Canada)
Boreal Ecology
Fred J Longstaffe
(Dept. Earth Sciences)
Stable isotope science
Ed Topp
(Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
Environmental microbiology and chemistry, antimicrobial resistance in food production systems, soil quality, manure and soil management
Yingming Zhao
(Ontario Ministry Natural Resources and Forestry)
Quantitative fish ecology

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