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REGISTRATION for field courses starts on

FRIDAY, JANUARY 27th in NCB 301 (with

Brenda Beretta) and will continue until

spots are full.  Please check out the guaranteed 

spots (under course information) and have your

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Learning in a Biology lab

The study of life spans a tremendous scale of inquiry from individual molecules to whole organisms to entire ecosystems.  At each level exists a complexity that is both wonderful to observe and yet challenging to understand – and this is what makes biology one of the most dynamic and compelling of the sciences.  Whether it is the study of habitat loss due to climate change or developing an AIDS vaccine – both endeavors are built on the fundamental understanding of biological systems.

The overall goal of the Biology undergraduate program is firmly rooted in a liberal education where students develop into open-minded, skeptical and engaged citizens.  Within the framework of the study of biology emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking and communication skills, helping you prepare for a career in a wide range of areas including scientific research and the professions of law, medicine and education.