Genomes & Evolution

The incredible advancements of the genomics era make it possible to identify and explore the impact of genomic variation, both in the context of evolutionary and functional questions. Western Biology has many faculty members conducting research in this area who specialize in systematics, molecular ecology, behavioural genetics, and genome evolution.

Regular or Term Faculty

Genomes and Evolution Regular or Term Faculty


Research Interest

Kathleen Hill Genome organization and integrity
Nusha Keyghobadi Molecular ecology, landscape genetics and conservation genetics
Susanne Kohalmi Gene Families and Regulation
Beth MacDougall-Shackleton Ecoimmunology and behavioural ecology of migratory birds
Amanda Moehring Genetics of behaviour and species formation
Bryan Neff Molecular and Behavioural Ecology
Brent Sinclair Insects at Low Temperatures
David Smith Genome evolution and genetic diversity of microbial eukaryotes
Vera Tai Microbial Ecology and Bioinformatics
Graham Thompson Behavioural Genetics and Sociobiology
Greg Thorn Fungal Ecology and Systematics

Adjunct, Emeritus or Cross-Appointed Faculty

Genomes and Evolution Adjunct, Emeritus or Cross-Appointed Faculty


Research Interest

Sangeeta Dhaubhadel
(Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
Gene expression and regulation, plant specialized metabolism, genomics and biotechnology, soybean and dry bean
Norman Hüner
Photosynthetic Adaptation and Phenotypic Plasticity in Extreme Environments
André Lachance
Yeast Systematics, Ecology, and Evolution
Amanda Roe
(Natural Resources Canada)
Systematics and Evolution; Environmental Biology; Molecular Ecology of Insects and Pests of Forests
Shiva M. Singh
Molecular Genetics of Complex Diseases and Phenotype

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