Genes, Cells & Health

The integration of genetics, molecular biology and cell biology has led to an understanding of how biological systems work in the single cell, during development and in various health conditions. The Department of Biology at Western has many faculty members who are committed to applying these tools to various areas in biology and health.

Regular or Term Faculty

Genes, Cells and Health Regular or Term Faculty


Research Interest

Robert Cumming Brain Metabolism and Aging
Sashko Damjanovski Developmental Biology - Extracellular Matrix Remodelling science
Kathleen Hill Genome organization and integrity
Jim Karagiannis Eukaryotic Cell Division
Gregory Kelly Cell Signaling in Vertebrate Embryos
Amanda Moehring Genetics of behaviour and species formation
Anthony Percival-Smith Molecular mechanisms of morphogenesis
Anne Simon Genetics of Social Behavior
Alexander Timoshenko Cell Biology and Glycobiology

Adjunct, Emeritus or Cross-Appointed Faculty

Genes, Cells and Health Adjunct, Emeritus or Cross-Appointed Faculty


Research Interest

Tugce B. Balci
(Dept. Paediatrics)
Medical Genetics: exploring new ways to diagnose patients with rare genetic conditions, identifying new disease genes and creating animal models in the hope of finding new avenues of personalized medicine.
Dean Betts
Dept. of Physiology & Pharmacology
Understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms of early embryo development and pluripotent stem cells.
Martin L. Duennwald
(Dept. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)
Protein misfolding, neurodegenerative diseases, cellular protein quality control

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