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Animal Migration and Movement

Several faculty members in the Department of Biology undertake field and/or lab-based research to advance knowledge of how and why animals migrate and move across space and time....


Behaviour and Neurobiology

Research on behaviour and neurobiology in the Department of Biology has multiple facets, and explores this area using genetics, physiology, evolution, and ecological approaches....


Environment and Conservation

Research in the Department of Biology at Western places a heavy focus on all aspects of the environment and conservation from genes to ecosystems....


Genes, Cells and Health

The integration of genetics, molecular biology and cell biology has led to an understanding of how biological systems work in the single cell, during development and in various health conditions....


Genomes and Evolution

The incredible advancements of the genomics era make it possible to identify and explore the impact of genomic variation, both in the context of evolutionary and functional questions....


Insect Science

The Department of Biology at Western has established research strength in the scientific study of insects and other multi-legged arthropods....


Plant Stress and Food Security

Western Biology has a broad set of researchers studying aspects of plant tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress, and other topics related to food security....


Synthetic Biology

Like the interplay between basic science and engineering, the application of molecular biology to basic questions in biology is paralleled by the applied discipline of synthetic biology...


Thermal Biology

Thermal Biology at Western Biology focuses on the effects of temperature on organisms and biological systems, including both low and high temperatures....


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