Animal Care and Veterinary Services

eSirius 3G

The eSirius Database Management underwent a much-needed software upgrade, called eSirius 3G, in July of 2017. eSirius 3G is accessed at

Benefits of eSirius 3G

For all users:

For users of ACVS-Managed facilities:

Changes in Regards to Designates

Due to the licensing agreements with the software vendor, we will be implementing a 2-Designate limit for PI groups in eSirius. These Designates will have access to both AUPs and Animal Ordering and will be the only people – aside from the PIs themselves – able to order animals through ACVS. Additionally, to align with institutional funding requirements, Designates will also be required to have delegated signing authority up to $5000 on associated charge accounts, if ordering animals. More information about delegated signing authority can be found at the Financial Management Section of Western's Financial Services' Website.

To make sure all designates have access, please send the names and email addresses of your two designates to