Upcoming Courses

Courses at the Centre are taught by both Core and Non-core faculty at Western, as well emeritus faculty and visiting lecturers.  With some exceptions, courses are limited to no more than 12 students. Master's students are required to fulfill a “breadth requirement” by taking at least one half course from each of groups A & B:

Group A: aesthetics, philosophy, psychoanalysis, language theory
Group B: social, cultural and political theory
Group C: topical focus covering a variety of theorists from the above areas, as well as 19th-century, modern, and contemporary theory

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Fall 2017

Title Instructor Category
Of the Mycelium and its Gravity: Late Lacan, Sexuation, Sinthome, and the Baroque Allan Pero C
Political Responses to Crisis and Collapse: Hannah Arendt, Edith Stein, Rosa Luxemburg, and Simone Weil Antonio Calcagno B
Stars Calin Mihailescu A
Indigenous Critical Theory: Key Concepts and Debates Pauline Wakeham B
Critical Race and Feminist Studies Erica Lawson C
Questioning Aesthetics Julian Haladyn A


Winter 2018

Title Instructor Category
Feminist Phenomenology Helen Fielding C
Imagining Community Jan Plug A
Existential Risk Joshua Schuster A
Marx from Beginning to End: The 1844 Manuscripts Today Nick Dyer Witheford B
Contemporary theories of Fascism and Counter-Fascism Mireya Folch Serra B