Linguistics 1028B
Linguistics: Applications and Extensions

  • Syllabus -- TBA

Prerequisite(s): One of Anthropology 1027A/B, Linguistics 2288A/B, (both French 2805A/B, French 2806A/B), Spanish 3303A/B, the former French 2800 or permission of Linguistics program.

Course description:

In the Introduction to Linguistics you learned that Linguistics is the scientific study of human language patterns. Linguistics 1028 acquaints students with human language and how it relates to society and the
mind. Topics may include applications of linguistics, such as language acquisition, language and law, language and the brain, and language variation across time, space and society.


Contemporary Linguistic Analysis: an introduction, 8th edition. Edited by William O’Grady and John Archibald (2016) Pearson/Longman: Toronto.

Mark distribution:

In-class Participation/quizzez 10%
Assignments (2x15%) 30%
Term Test 25%
Final Exam 35%