Technical Information

  • Dimensions: 10’6½”W x 10’6½”D x 18’0”H
  • Main door opening: 6’0”W x 14’7”H
  • Temperature range: -35°C to +40°C lights off, -30°C to +40°C lights on (both upper and lower chambers), less than 5°C temperature spike during defrost (<10°C in emergency single-compressor operation)
  • Lighting: Dimmable HID with quantum sensor (50%MH, 50%HPS), maximum intensity 900µmol/m²/s
  • Humidity range: 35%RH to 90%RH lights off, 35%RH to 75%RH lights on (no humidity control below 2°C)
  • CO2 range: Ambient to 2,000ppm (maximum range of CO2 sensor = 20,000ppm, CO2 control range can be extended on request)
  • Rain: up to 4mm/min on a 2m diameter sample (nozzle flow rates from 0.08gpm to 0.39gpm per nozzle in as-built configuration)
  • Wind: up to 500ft/min across the top of soil monolith

Designed and Built by:
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