Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What health effects of ginseng are OGIRC Pre-Clinical researchers investigating?

  • Increased metabolism and reduced adverse effects of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes
  • Enhanced immune system in healthy individuals and in those with immuno-depression
  • Improvement of cardiac function
  • Increased libido and sexual function
  • Reduction of physical and mental stress

How are OGIRC Plant Biotechnology researchers improving Ontario-grown ginseng?

  • A micropropagation technique has been developed that reduces ginseng's long production cycle, by one year
  • Cohorts of genetically identical plants are being grown in preparation for phytochemical and pre-clinical studies of specific genotypes

What can the Phytochemistry researchers tell us about the strength and consistancy of the active compounds in Ontario-grown ginseng?

  • The concentration of the active components in ginseng called ginsenosides have been investigated in plants from five Ontario farms
    • The concentration of ginsenosides is higher in Ontario-grown plants than in cultivated plants from New York, Maryland, BC, and is also higher than in wild-grown populations
    • The concentration of ginsenosides in ginseng plants is highly variable, and there is significant variation within a farmer's field as well as variation between farms

What new products are the Advanced Processing researchers developing?

  • OGIRC engineers are considering several innovative ways to provide ginseng to consumers such as chewable tablets, dissolvable strips, and ginseng powder coating on capsules