Research Groups

The CulturePlex Lab at Western University

We do research on digital innovation, content analytics, lean big data, social media, and digital humanities. We thrive on solving problems that require to create a strong conceptual frame, analyze lots of data, and figure out people’s behavior. We partner with companies, institutions and researchers to tackle problems on digital strategy, leadership, digital consumer behavior, cultural analytics, social networks, digital banking, big data, and risk analysis in heritage preservation.

Speech Learning Group

We examine speech learning in second language learners and bilinguals, and first language attrition and language change as a result of language contact. For more information, please contact Professor Yasaman Rafat.

Acquisition of morphosyntax/Languages in contact

Led by Olga Tararova and Joyce Bruhn de Garavito

This research group conducts theoretical and experimental research on linguistic knowledge, language acquisition, language development, and bilingualism.  We examine morphosyntactic and semantic properties in contexts of early and late acquisition, language contact, bilingualism, and multilingualism.  We tend to focus on the study of Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Catalan, French, Portuguese) in compination with each other or with other languages such as English, Arabic, Polish, Chinese, or with indigenous languages such as Nahuatl or P'urhépecha.  Among other topics, we investigate how language contact and bilingualism may lead to language change, and who the agents of language change may be, particularly in the Hispanic world.

Our aim is to provide a regular forum for discussion of work in progress and to create a natural environment for collaborative research. To this end we hold regular reading group meetings and organize common experimental projects.

Middle East and North Africa Research Group

MENARG functions as a coordinating body for academic departments, professional schools and institutes within the University, promoting scholarly research and writing on all aspects of this part of the world.

International Centres and Institutes

As a core part of Western's research mission, all centres, groups and individual scholars at Western strive to collaborate internationally, as well as to create and share knowledge around the globe. Some of our research centres and groups have very specific international themes or goals. Western International has identified research centres and groups at Western that are focused on specific issues and topics that are international or cross-cultural in nature.  For a complete listing, please click here.

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