Foot Patrol Volunteer


Volunteering with Western Foot Patrol is a very rewarding experience. There are various positions within Foot Patrol, including Patroller, SUV driver and Operations Manager. All volunteers begin as Patrollers, and if they meet requirements, can apply to additional positions.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with Foot Patrol provides students with an opportunity to meet people, get to know campus, gain valuable work experience and fulfill volunteer admission requirements to programs while contributing to the Western community. In addition, Western students often just want to contribute to the community they are a part of, and want to keep campus safe.

What's Involved?

All prospective volunteers are carefully screened. Each prospective volunteer must pass each level of screening to progress to the next. This includes:

  1. Application form
  2. Interview
  3. Reference checks
  4. Vulnerable Sector Check

If you are selected as a volunteer, you will attend a training session. You will also be required to complete 3 brief online training modules for Health & Safety, AODA Customer Service Standard and Bill 168 Safe & Respectful Campus.

Volunteers contribute approximately 3-4 hours, or one shift, per week. Shifts are on a fixed schedule, meaning you will volunteer the same shift each week, except during the holidays and exam periods.

How do I become involved?

Applications can be downloaded along with the volunteer patroller position description, or obtained from the Western Foot Patrol office. Completed application forms can be emailed to the Western Foot Patrol office at wfp@uwo.ca (Note: forms need to be downloaded onto your computer before filling out - best used with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat)