Foot Patrol Students

Who can use Western Foot Patrol’s services?

Anyone can use Western Foot Patrol’s service! Students, staff, faculty or visitors are welcome to call (519) 661-3650 for a safe escort.

Can I call Foot Patrol during the day to pre-arrange an escort?

Foot Patrol does not take bookings for pre-arranged escorts. The service is on a first come, first served basis during our hours of operation. Customers on average wait 5 -10 minutes for a team to arrive.

Can I get the SUV to drive me instead of walk?

The SUV is used at the discretion of the Foot Patrol staff, and is mainly used when it is the best option. We do not take requests for the SUV.

Do you walk to King’s Brescia, or Huron?

Yes! We serve all three affiliate colleges.

How far can you walk me?

We walk to all destinations on the main and affiliate colleges, along with some off campus locations.

Who can volunteer?

Western students, staff and faculty can apply to volunteer. All applicants go through a screening process that includes completing an application, interview, reference check, and police check. If accepted, volunteers attend training. Please see our volunteer page for more information.

Can I volunteer with a friend?

You can volunteer with a friend. Both of you have to pass screening, however there is no guarantee that you will be on the same shift. Two people who want to volunteer as a team to walk together must both pass screening and it must be mutually stated that they want to walk together.