Foot Patrol Students

Daytime Office Hours:

Regular Office Hours
Monday - Friday 12-5pm

Reading Week, Exam Office Hours
Monday - Friday 1-4pm

Evening Hours of Operation:

September Hours
Sunday-Thursday 9pm-1am; Friday & Saturday 9pm-midnight

Regular Evening Operations
(beginning October 1)

Sunday - Thursday 6pm-1am; Friday & Saturday 6pm-midnight

Long Holiday Weekends
Sunday-Thursday 9pm-1am
Friday & Saturday 9pm-midnight
Any changes to these hours will be detailed on our voice mail message at (519) 661-3650 and our main web page at www.uwo.ca/footpatrol.

Work Safe

The Work Safe program is operated in partnership with Campus Police from 6pm-6am daily. Western Foot Patrol operates the service during the evening hours of operation listed above; Campus Police operates the service at all other times.