Major/Double Major/3-Year/4-Year (BA)

Kin Major

Kinesiology and beyond. The flexibility to create a winning combination of courses.

The Major in Kinesiology provides flexibility in selecting Kinesiology courses allowing students to initially investigate courses throughout the broad scope of Kinesiology. With fewer Kinesiology course requirements than other modules students enrolled in the major have the flexibility to incorporate more external electives within their degree. Students often combine a major in Kinesiology with a major from another discipline.

Progression from Year 1 to Year 2
All Kinesiology students who meet the standards listed below will be able to progress into this module.

  • To progress in this module, students require:
    • A minimum 70% cumulative average in first year
    • No grade less than 60%
    • A minimum 70% modular average in the following 3.0 principal courses
      • Kin 1050A, 1060A, 1070A, Kin 1080B, and Physiology 1021
    • Non-Kinesiology students may be admitted to this module even if they have not completed all the prerequisite courses
    • Students with a reduced course load will be considered
    • Students must have completed all the prerequisite courses to be considered for admission to this module

Graduation minimum average requirements  
Students must maintain a minimum cumulative modular average of 60%. Additionally, students must maintain a cumulative average of at least 60% with no grade less than 50% in each of the 20.0 courses used to fulfill graduation requirements.

The Program Planning Guide and Academic Calendar link below are intended to assist students with program planning. Students are responsible for ensuring their course selection meets their module and degree requirements.