Courses Offered


The School of Kinesiology offers a variety of courses to help graduate students tailor their academic experience and achieve their learning objectives. Graduate-level courses in Kinesiology are administered by the Kinesiology Graduate Program Office. Students should contact the Graduate Program Office and/or their supervisor for further details or assistance.

2023-24 Course Offerings

NOTE: All kinesiology graduate courses are scheduled to be offered in person during the 2023-24 academic year. The Kinesiology Graduate Seminar may be a blended format.

Course Outlines and Information

All outlines are in PDF format and posted in OWL for registered Kinesiology graduate students.

Fall Term Courses

  • 9032 - Sport Leadership
  • 9061 - Sport in the US
  • 9066 - Special Topic: Race, (De)Colonization, and Physical Cultures
  • 9232 - Sport Psychology
  • 9446-002 - Special Topic: Neuromuscular Physiology
  • 9446-004 - Special Topics : Bioscience (Interpreting and Communicating Science)
  • 9447 - Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Winter Term Courses

  • 9033 - Global Sport and Health Politics
  • 9062 - Rethinking the Olympics
  • 9231 - Selected Topics in Exercise Psychology
  • 9431 - Physiology of Exercise Training
  • 9445 - Medical Aspects of Sport
  • TBA - Safeguarding Olympic Athletes

Summer Term Courses

  • 9434 - Exercise Nutrition

Special Registration Courses

  • 9011 - Sport Management Internship
  • 9600 - Major Research Paper in Kinesiology
  • 9612 - Coaching Practicum

Independent Study Courses

  • 9611 - MA/MSc
    • For registration details, see additional course information below
  • 9711 - Doctoral
    • For registration details, see additional course information below

Additional Course Information

Independent Study Courses (9611/9711)

The School of Kinesiology offers independent study course options to its graduate students. As part of the independent study, students conduct a literature review or small research project under the guidance of a graduate faculty member.

Independent Study Regulations

  • The independent study cannot be directly related to the thesis
    • i.e. Review of the literature, prospectus development or collection of data to be used for the thesis
  • Independent studies are worth 0.5 credits.
  • Master's and PhD students in the thesis option may enroll in a maximum of two (2) courses of KIN 9611/9711
  • Master’s students in a non‐thesis option may take a maximum of the equivalent of one and a half full courses
  • Normally, one independent study is completed in a given term

Independent Study Enrolment

  • Complete a proposal application with a faculty member that will serve as the instructor for the course
  • Submit the application to the Kinesiology Graduate Program Office by the deadlines stated on the application for the appropriate term selected
  • The graduate chair will review the application and if approved, the Graduate Program Office will notify the student and enrol them in the course for the appropriate term


  • Kinesiology Graduate Research Seminar (PDF)
    • Required for all Kinesiology graduate students
    • Master's students (all disciplines) must attend seminar for one year (or equivalent-2 terms)
    • Doctoral students (all disciplines) must attend seminar for two years (or equivalent 4 terms)

Please note:

  • Students are responsible for reviewing their degree requirements when selecting courses
  • Students should consult with their supervisor to identify courses that are suitable for the specific area of research
  • Students can enrol in course through the Student Center
    • Additional course related information and forms for enrolling in courses outside of program can be found  here
  • Deadlines for undergraduate programs and courses outside of Kinesiology may differ
    • Contact the department offering the course for the appropriate dates