Courses Offered


The School of Kinesiology offers a variety of courses to help graduate students tailor their academic experience and achieve their learning objectives. Graduate-level courses in Kinesiology are administered by the Kinesiology Graduate Program Office. Students should contact the Graduate Program Office and/or their supervisor for further details or assistance.

2018-19 Course Offerings

Course Outlines and Information

All outlines are in PDF format and posted when they become available.

Fall Semester Courses

  • 9031A - Sport Management: Marketing
  • 9032A - Sport Leadership
  • 9233A - Selected Topics in Group Dynamics
  • 9435A - Advanced Exercise Physiology
  • 9466A - Special Topics
    • Exercise Neuroscience (001)
    • Interpreting and Communicating Science (004)

Winter Semester Courses

  • 9030B - Sport Management: Organizational Theory
  • 9033B- Global Sport and Health Politics
  • 9065B - Gender, Ethics and Olympism
  • 9066B - Special Topics
    • Sociocultural (003)
  • 9230B - Psychological Interventions
  • 9620B - Coaching and the Injured Athlete

Full Year Courses

  • 9066Y - Special Topics
    • Mentorship and Leadership: Practical Applications (001)
    • Kinesiology Graduate Seminar (002)
      • See additional course information below

Special Registration Courses

  • 9011Y - Sport Management Internship
  • 9612Y - Coaching Practicum

Independent Study Courses

  • 9611 - MA/MSc
    • See additional course information below
  • 9711 - Doctoral
    • See additional course information below

Additional Course Information

Independent Study Courses (9611/9711)

The School of Kinesiology offers independent study course options to its graduate students. As part of the independent study, students conduct a literature review or small research project under the guidance of a graduate faculty member.

Independent Study Regulations

  • The independent cannot be directly related to the thesis
    • i.e. Review of the literature, prospectus development or collection of data to be used for the thesis
  • Independent studies are worth 0.5 credits.
  • Master's and PhD students in the thesis option may enroll in a maximum of two (2) courses of KIN 9611/9711
  • Master’s students in a non‐thesis option may take a maximum of the equivalent of one and a half full courses
  • Normally, one independent study is completed in a given term

Independent Study Enrolment

  • Complete a proposal application with a faculty member that will serve as the instructor for the course
  • Submit the application to the Kinesiology Graduate Program Office by the deadlines stated on the application for the appropriate term selected
  • The graduate chair will review the application and if approved, the Graduate Program Office will notify the student and enrol them in the course for the appropriate term

Graduate Program Seminar (9066Y-002)

  • Required for all Kinesiology graduate students
  • Master's students (all disciplines) must attend seminar for one year
  • Doctoral students (all disciplines) must attend seminar for two years
  • Successful completion of this requirement counts as a course (0.5 credits)
  • Students must attend Graduate Program Seminars from September to April
  • Students will self-enrol in the seminar course in each of the fall and winter terms
  • This will require separate enrolment for each term

Please note:

  • Students are responsible for reviewing their degree requirements when selecting courses
  • Students should consult with their supervisor to identify courses that are suitable for the specific area of research
  • Students can enrol in course through the Student Center
    • Additional course related information and forms for enrolling in courses outside of program can be found here
  • Deadlines for undergraduate programs and courses outside of Kinesiology may differ
    • Contact the department offering the course for the appropriate dates