Master's Programs

Master's programs in the School of Kinesiology are offered across four different fields of study that draw upon the expertise of the School's world-class researchers. Students have the option of pursuing research-based degrees, or combining course work with an experiential learning component to reach their academic goals.


Psychological Basis

Programs in the Psychological Basis of Kinesiology field focus on the cognitive, affective, and behavioural antecedents and consequences of participation in physical activity, exercise and sport. Particular attention is given to individual and group processes in sport and exercise settings and the psychological bases of learning and control of human movement.



Sociocultural Studies

The Sociocultural Studies in Kinesiology field fosters the examination of the social, cultural and global/political impacts of physical activity, exercise and sport, and helps develop a broader understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of these influences.


Integrative Biosciences

Encompassing muscle physiology, metabolism and biochemistry of muscle function and adaptation, cardiorespiratory/cardiovascular physiology, biomechanics and the control of vascular smooth muscle, the Integrative Biosciences in Kinesiology field examines the many systems and processes that allow us to engage in physical activity, exercise and sport.


Management and Leadership

The Management and Leadership in Kinesiology field builds on the disciplines of law, business, organizational psychology, sociology and recreation to develop an in-depth understanding of physical activity and sport in a variety of contexts, including marketing, communication, tourism, sport for development and event management.