Clinical Kinesiology (BA)

Professional Kin

The power to impact health and wellness.

NOTE: As of December 7, 2018, this program was renamed from Professional Kinesiology to more accurately reflect the academic content. This change is retroactive to September 1, 2018.

In the Clinical Kinesiology program, students learn how kinesiology can be applied in a clinical and non-clinical contexts. Students will be introduced to Clinical Kinesiology practice in their course work (e.g., kinesiology in Ontario healthcare, ethics/privacy, program models, clinical assessment, exercise prescription) and will have the opportunity to turn theory into practice in an eight-month clinical placement opportunity.

NOTE: This is a limited enrolment program with only 40 students admitted each year.

Progression from Year 1 to Year 2  
This is a limited enrolment module (40 spaces) and progression standards may fluctuate from year to year.

  • To progress into this module, students require:
    • A minimum 70% cumulative average in first year
    • No grade less than 60%
    • A minimum 70% modular average
      • Kin 1070A, Kin 1080B, Physiology 1021, Stats 1023A/B or 1024A/B and the student's highest grade in 0.5 additional course
  • Students who select the Clinical Kinesiology module during Intent to Register, but who are not eligible, will automatically be considered for the Honors BA module (see below)
  • Students with a reduced course load will be considered
  • Students must have completed all the prerequisite courses to be considered for admission to this module

Graduation minimum average requirements  
Students must maintain a 70% average on their senior kinesiology courses with no grade less than 60%. Additionally, students must maintain a cumulative average of 65% with no failed courses.

The Program Planning Guide and Academic Calendar link below are intended to assist students with program planning. Students are responsible for ensuring their course selection meets their module and degree requirements.