Below you will find several government and public sector resources providing information on senior and adult care to properly address your family's specific needs and the options and alternatives available to address those concerns.

General Resources
Seniors' Info Informational web resources for seniors and their families.
Service Canada Service for Seniors - Overview of programs and services for seniors including information on retirement, allowance, pensions and more
The Service Guide for Seniors This guide is a valuable tool that outlines available resources provided by the Canadian Government
Ontario Senior's Secretariat Informational web resource for programs for seniors and caregivers in Ontario
Ontario Senior's Secretariat Guide

Programs and services guide for seniors in Ontario

Victorian Order of Nurses

A not-for-profit home care service

Housing Alternatives
Community Care Access Centre Information and services for housing alternatives and long term care options
Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Senior's Care: Home, community and residential care services and programs
The Health Line - Long Term Care Homes

Listings for long term care homes in Southwestern Ontario

Support Groups
Daya Counseling Centre Community-based agency providing individual, couple, and family counseling for persons age 16+

The Health Line - Caregivers Supports Groups

Listing of support groups for caregivers