Annual Performance Evaluation

The purpose of the Annual Performance Evaluation is to:

  1. Provide an annual assessment of performance that allows recognition of a Member’s achievements and identifies areas for development in the Member’s Teaching, Research and/or Service activities as appropriate to the Member’s Academic Responsibilities and Workload
  2. Provide for formative support and mentoring
  3. Provide a basis for salary increments linked to performance

 Timeline Changes (Revised July 2015)

Item Old Date New Date
APE Committee election (if applicable) N/A November 1
Vote to review APE criteria (Full and Part-Time) N/A November 1
Identify APE criteria (Part-Time) N/A December 1
Copy assessment to Member February 15 January 31
Deadline for meeting with Dean March 15 April 30

 Please visit our Intranet for feedback forms and templates pertaining to APE.