All volunteer positions with the Richard W. Hutchinson Geoscience Collaborative Suite are facilitated through Western’s Volunteer Program (WVP) and as such volunteers must be current registered students at Western University to participate in the program. More information on WVP is available here.

Volunteers with the Richard W. Hutchinson Geoscience Collaborative Suite will be working alongside the Geoscience Collections Curator to assist in the cataloguing and maintenance of the Western University Earth Sciences Department’s rock, mineral and paleontology collections. These may include but are not limited to duties such as labeling, organizing, or cataloguing the collections, moving the collections to their storage facility, or identifying unknown rocks, minerals or fossils. Volunteers may also participate in events such as assisting with the Western University booth at the London Gem and Mineral Show.

Interested volunteers must submit a signed and completed application form available here, along with their current resume, to geocollections@uwo.ca.

Erythrite. Donated by Arnim Walter.
Erythrite, locality unknown
Donated by Arnim Walter
Rutile from Graves Mountain Mine, Georgia. Donated by Arnim Walter.
Rutile from Graves Mountain Mine, Georgia, USA
Donated by Arnim Walter