COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

All members of the community were required to upload proof of vaccination by September 7. Those who were unable to provide proof of vaccination had until October 12 to submit proof of full vaccination and were required to be tested for COVID-19 twice per seven-day period in the interim to attend campus, with results submitted to the University.   

Download a copy of Western's  vaccination policy .  

Vaccination Rate

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Western’s Vaccination Policy  

Effective October 12, 2021, everyone coming to Western's campus is required to be fully vaccinated and have provided proof of vaccination to the university.  

Those who have been granted an accommodation by the University or are awaiting a decision from the University with respect to an accommodation must undergo COVID-19 testing at least twice per seven-day period, with each test separated by a minimum of 72-hours to be on campus.  

Students living in Western’s residences must comply with the vaccination timelines in the residence contract or otherwise be approved for an accommodation.  


Individuals are in compliance with the vaccination policy providing they:   

  • have completed Western’s Daily Return to Campus Questionnaire;  
  • have provided proof that they are fully vaccinated; or  
  • have received an accommodation (or are awaiting a response to a request for accommodation) and regularly provide proof of negative COVID-19 antigen tests to the University as required under the Policy.  

Anyone failing to meet these requirements will be deemed non-compliant with Western’s vaccination policy and subject to consequences outlined below.  

Consequences of non-compliance

  • Staff who do not comply with the policy have the option to resign, retire or take an unpaid leave of absence from the University.   
  • Faculty who do not comply with the policy also have the option to resign or retire (if eligible) from the University.  Those who remain non-compliant will be placed on a leave with pay pending investigation and, if non-compliance is confirmed, will be placed on leave without pay.  Faculty on leave cannot carry out their teaching, research or service responsibilities, on or off-campus.  
  • A student’s failure or refusal to comply with the policy will be reviewed under the Code of Student Conduct. Pending an investigation and as an interim measure, the student will be prohibited from attending campus. If found to be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct, the student will be sanctioned. Sanctions may include suspension or expulsion from the University.