CS3010F/G Study Tour to Greece


The Study Tour to Greece is a 2-week long adventure-packed course with exciting trips to Greece's most important historical sites. Students will gain invaluable firsthand experience of the history, archaeology and culture of this fascinating country. Our classrooms will be the cities of Greece, first Athens where we will tour the impressive monuments of the sacred Acropolis, the Agora marketplace, the beautiful new Acropolis Museum, and the wonders of the National Archaeological Museum. We will then move to the coastal town of Nauplion to stay among the Venetian-era buildings, castles, and beaches and travel to major archaeological sites of the Peloponnese, including Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Olympia. We will consult the famous oracle of Delphi and visit the historical battlegrounds of Marathon and Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans fought against an army of Persians.


The next 2-week study tour to Greece is planned for May 2025.


Every student (1st to 4th year) who has taken at least one Classical Studies course may apply. This study tour is designed for students to fully engage with one of the world's most influential cultures. This course will surely be one of the most memorable experiences in a student's academic career.

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No applications are being reviewed at this time. You can view our 2018 Information Session Slides here, but note that details (e.g., costs) are subject to change for future trips.

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Dr. Bernd Steinbock