Student Profiles

MA Students

Andrew Bresch

Degree: Advanced Bachelor of Arts in Classics, University of Manitoba

Areas of Interest: Latin Elegy; gender and sexuality; Greek and Roman Epic; Greek Lyric; Ethnography

TA Assignment: CS 2903A / CS 2440B

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MA Student Jenna ColcloughJenna Colclough

Degree: Honours BA in Classics, Acadia University

Areas of Interest: Cult of Dionysos, women in ancient Greece, Euripides' Bakkhai

TA Assignment: CS 3300F/CS 2440B

External Scholarship: SSHRC CGS Masters 2017

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MA Student Shereen FayedShereen Fayed

Degree: Honours BA in Classics, McMaster University

Areas of Interest: Roman art and archaeology; Roman Imperial women; numismatics

TA Assignment: CS 2301A/B

External Scholarship: SSHRC CGSM 2017-18

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MA Student Dylan HallDylan Hall

Degree: Honours Specialization BA in Classical Studies, Nipissing University

Areas of Interest: Ancient marginal groups, military history, Greek and Roman archaeology

External Scholarship: OGS 2017

Contact Information: dhall58@uwo.a   

Devan LaFontaine

Degree: Honours BA in Greek and Roman Studies, University of Calgary

Areas of Interest: Archaic Greek poetry

TA Assignment: CS 2300

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MA Student Valeria LogachevaValeria Logacheva

Degree: Honours BA in Greek and Roman Studies, Trent University

Areas of Interest: Latin Poetry and Intertextuality, Gender and Performative Excellence

TA Assignment: CS2300

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MA Student Doug MacKenzieDouglas MacKenzie

Degree: Honours BA in Classical Studies, York University

Areas of Interest: Roman history, with a particular focus on the Late Republic

TA Assignment: CS 3450E

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Marissa Palumbo

Degree: Honours BA in Classics with a Minor in Greek and Latin, University of Western Ontario

Areas of Interest: Greek drama, Greek and Roman epic, and ancient mythology

TA Assignment: CS1000-002

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2017_Paterson.jpgSteven Paterson


Areas of Interest: 

TA Assignment: CS 3903F/CS 2525B

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MA Student Erin PierikErin Pierik

Degree: BA in Classics, University of British Columbia

Areas of Interest: Roman Law and Roman women

TA Assignment: CS3906F/ CS2840B

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MA Student Sarah ShaughnessySarah Shaughnessy

Degree: Honours BA with a double major in the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities and English Language and Literature with a minor in Classics from the University of Western Ontario

Areas of Interest: Latin and Greek Literature (especially Latin Epic); Classical Reception studies; mythology; narrative ownership

TA Asignment: CS 3800F/CS 2440B

External Scholarship: SSHRC CGS Masters 2017

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Helen Wilson


Areas of Interest:

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PhD Students

imageRowan Ash

Degree: BA in Classics, Honours English (Literature), McGill University; MA in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures, University of Waterloo.

Areas of Interest: Ancient magic (especially the Greek magical papyri), Greek and Roman religion and myth, Greek literature, gender and sexuality in the ancient world

Instructor: Greek 1000

External Scholarship: OGS 2015

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allyAlexandra Dawson

Degrees: Honors BA in Classical Studies, Brock University, 2008, MA in Classical Studies, University of Western Ontario 2010

Area Interests: Greek tragedy, specifically Euripides; sociopolitical allusions in Greek literature; Ancient Greek language, syntax and style

External Scholarship Awards: SSHRC 2013-2014

External Scholarship: SSHRC Doctoral 2014-15

Contact Information: 

maryMary Deminion

Degrees: Honors BA in Greek and Roman Studies, Univ. of Victoria, 2007, MA in Greek and Roman Studies, University of Victoria, 2010

Area Interests: Ancient law, Roman History, women in antiquity, morality, and spectacle.

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PhD Student Stephanie DennieStephanie Dennie

Degree: Honours BA in Classics, University of Guelph; MA in Classics, Brock University

Areas of Interest: Archaic Greece, Greek Warfare, Sparta, Military Psychology

TA Assignment: CS 1000-001

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image Paul McGilvery

Degree: Honors BA in Classics, Laurentian University; MA in Classics, Dalhousie University

Areas of Interest: Greek Historiography, Xenophon's Anabasis, Narratology

Instructor: Greek 2000

External Scholarship: SSHRC CGS Doctoral 2014-2017

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Alistair Mowat


Areas of Interest:

TA Assignment: CS2500B

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Richard Parker

Degree: Honours BA in Classics, Brock University, MA in Classics, Western University

Areas of Interest: Indo-European linguistics; the development, perception, and representation of Greek dialect in literature; Mycenaean Greek dialect and society; evolution of writing systems in Bronze Age and Classical Greece; semantics and morphology of non Indo-European loan terms for flora and fauna; Bronze Age language contact in Greece

TA Assignments: CS2810A/CS2480B

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michelleMichelle Sugar

Degree: Honours BA in Classics, The University of Toronto, 2011, MA in Classics, Brock University, 2013

Area Interests: Latin epic; Lucan's 'Bellum Civile'; Greek tragedy; and Women in antiquity

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