Kyle Gervais’ emendation to Aeneid 7.5, published in the Classical Journal (full text here), has been accepted into the text of G. B Conte’s new Teubner edition of Virgil’s Aeneid.

Elizabeth Greene was inducted in November into the Royal Society of Canada's College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists in Ottawa. Her work on the women, children and families in Roman military communities and her ongoing research at the renowned archaeological site of Vindolanda in Northern England was recognized for its important contributions to research on Roman frontier and provincial communities set in the context of conquest and imperialism.

Radio Western - Professors Beyond Jobs - Kelly Olson: Fashion is the way you talk to the world without saying anything

Alice Munro Chair in Creativity 2020 - Interested applicants - click here for more information.

Enjoy selections tailor-made for enjoyment - Read. Watch. Listen. by Kelly Olson - Western News article

Kelly Olson gave a keynote speech at the conference "Adornment as an expression of everyday identity in ancient and medieval life," held at the Norwegian Institute in Rome, Italy.


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Faculty Spotlight

Elizabeth Greene
Elizabeth Greene has been awarded a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant for a joint project with the Vindolanda Trust in the UK that will allow a team of Western faculty, graduate students and undergrads to take part in the exciting initiatives at Vindolanda with research taking place both in the museum and on the excavations. Read more.

Alumni Spotlight

Peter Miller
Peter Miller (PhD 2014) has been appointed as the 2019 Chancellor's Research Chair at the University of Winnipeg