Kelly Olson recently spoke to Andrew Schiestel about Roman clothing on his Ithaca Bound podcast. Listen to Ithaca Bound: Ancient Roman Clothing with Dr. Kelly Olson.

Stephanie Dennie wins Graduate Fellow funded by Dr. Kim Solga’s Arts and Humanities Teaching Fellowship from the Center for Teaching and Learning. She will be working collaboratively with Dr. Solga and Dr. Leora Swartzman on the research and further development of a pair of courses that brings together students in theatre studies and community psychology as they undertake a research project into migration in London and the challenges and barriers newcomers face in the city. These courses are in partnership with City Studio London and the London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership. Her role will include project management as well as undertaking research on the process of teaching and learning in such an interdisciplinary community-based course/program.  

Kelly Olson - Clothes Make the (Ro)man - learn about the clothing, makeup, and hair styles of Roman men and women and the status that clothing displayed. Video

Kyle Gervais – What he did on sabbatical. Read about his research here