Research Spotlight

  • KyleGervais
  • EGreene
  • ameyer
  • Dr. Kelly Olson

Dr. Kyle Gervais published in 2022 a monograph titled John of Garland, Integumenta Ovidii: Text, Translation, and Commentary. In Octoberhe presented a paper on the topic at the Ohio State University Center for Epigraphical and Paleographical Studies. 2021 saw the release of Dr. Gervais' Dickinson College Commentary on Seneca's Hercules Furens, co-authored with N. W. Bernstein.


Dr. Elizabeth Greene, Canada Research Chair in Roman Archaeology, is the winner of a SSHRC Insight Grant as a Principal Investigator for Putting the Empire on its Feet: Investigating Roman Provincial Populations using Paleoimaging of Archaeological Shoes. At the 25th International Frontiers Congress in August 2022, Dr. Greene presented two papers: 'The Potential of Anaerobic Archaeological Environments: Organic Material Remains on the Roman Frontier in Britain' (with B. Birley) and 'Between Reality and Representation: Depicting Identities on the Roman Frontiers with Footwear' (with E. Wolfram Thill).

Dr. Alexander Meyer  also delivered a paper at the 25th International Frontiers Congress, entitled 'Onomastics, Children, and Identity on Roman Military Diplomas'. In May, he presented the paper 'From far and wide: Glocalization and the Settlement of Roman Auxiliary Veterans' at the Centre de Recherches en Histoire du Droit, des Institutions et de la Société, Université Saint-Louis de Bruxelles.


Dr. Kelly Olson co-edited with A. Batten the 2021 collected volume Dress and Religion in Mediterranean Antiquity: Greeks, Romans, Jews, Christians, for which she also contributed multiple chapters. Dr. Olson is also the editor of the first volume (Antiquity: 500 BC - 400CE) of A Cultural History of Beauty and the first volume of A Cultural History of Luxury in Bloomsbury Academic's Cultural History series. The collections are scheduled for 2024 and 2025, respectively.