Minor in Greek and Latin Literature

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Admission Requirements:

Completion of first-year requirements. Classical Studies 1000 is recommended. With permission of the Department, students may have the Classical Studies 1000 requirement waived in those courses at the 2000 level or above for which it is normally a prerequisite.

Module: 4.0 courses

4.0 courses from: Classical Studies 2200, 3010F/G, 3050F/G, 3100E, 3102F/G, 3110F/G, 3150F/G, 3151F/G, 3181F/G, 3211F/G, 3612F/G, 3800F/G, 3850F/G, the former Classical Studies 3201F/G and no more than 1.0 course in Greek and/or Latin at the 3000-level or above.


(1) Appropriate course substitution may be made with permission of the department.

(2) With the permission of departments or programs concerned, students may count up to 1.0 appropriate senior full-course equivalent towards this Minor and a Major or Honours Specialization in another program.