Exchange Programs at BMI

The Brain and Mind Institute (BMI) at Western University is pleased to announce the following two exchange opportunities:

BMI and the Geneva Neuroscience Center - University of Geneva in Geneva, Switzerland
In April of 2014, Western University and the University of Geneva approved an exchange program for PhD graduate students, postdocs, researchers, professors and teaching staff. Those who work in labs supervised by BMI core members are eligible to apply.  For more information on this exchange program, email

BMI and the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour - Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands
A Joint Research Symposium was held on June 1, 2016, followed by a meeting with researchers from both the Brain and Mind Institute and the Donders Institute to establish an exchange program for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in Cognitive Neuroscience.  This collaborative initiative provided a great opportunity for Western researchers in cognitive neuroscience to apply for funding in order to visit the Donders Institute.

A Call for Applications is circulated to those who worked in cognitive neuroscience labs, a majority of who are supervised by BMI core and associate members and all nominations must be emailed to and by the competition deadline.  Award results from previous competitions are available here

The next competition deadline is October 1, 2019.  All award recipients must travel by July 1, 2020.  For more information on this competition, including the application process, click here.  To learn more about the exchange program between the Donders Institute and the Brain and Mind Institute, visit the Donders Institute website at