Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar Series

This seminar series offers graduate students in Biology an opportunity to communicate their proposed research or research findings in progress in a setting not unlike thesis assessment and defence presentations, and conference platform presentations. Individual student seminars are followed by question/answer or discussion sessions. Students attending the seminars provide written comments to the presenter regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the seminar content and form. The coordinator will discuss the seminar with the student either after the talk or in an office appointment.  The discussion will focus on effective aspects of the presentation, and strategies for strengthening other aspects of the seminar.

This year the C&M seminar series will be held on Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:30 in NCB 114. You can also join us on Zoom at 12:20 pm by following the link https://westernuniversity.zoom.us/j/99790678806

For further information please contact Vojislava Grbic

Guests welcome.

Schedule for the Winter Term 2023

Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar Series for Winter Term 2023





Apr. 27 Kaitlyn Lubda A tale of gluttony; how target and non-target insects are affected by dsRNA producing plants Dr. Brent Sinclair and Dr. Cam Donly
Apr. 27 Jessica Jagiello Investigating heat shock response on lifespan extension in mistranslating D. melanogaster Dr. Amanda Moehring
Apr. 20 Wes Robinson Drosophila social spacing: elucidating the neural circuitry Dr. Anne Simon
Apr. 13 Gamalat Allam Investigating the Role of the miR156/ SPL Network in Aluminum Stress Response in Medicago sativa L. Dr. Mark Bernards and Dr. Abdelali Hannoufa
Apr. 6 Jorden Maglov The role of intradiol ring-cleavage dioxygenases in Tetranychus urticae-Arabidopsis thaliana interactions Dr. Vojislava Grbic
Mar. 30 Xin Xie Epigenetic Regulation of the Plant Response to Nitrogen Availability Dr. Yuhai Cui and Dr. Susanne Kohalmi
Mar. 23 No seminar
Mar. 16 Jasmine Therrien The autoregulation of root nodule numbers evolved from a mechanism that restricts lateral root formation Dr Krzysztof Szczyglowski and Dr. Susanne Kohalmi
Mar. 9 Marc Courchesne Examining the relationship between lactate regulation, oxidative stress, and memory in the context of ageing and amyloid-beta accumulation Dr. Robert Cumming

Mar. 9

Michele Antonacci Investigation of reciprocal responses in Tetranychus urticae and Arabidopsis thaliana interactions Dr. Vojislava Grbic

Mar. 2

Joshua Isaacson Characterizing the effects of mistranslating tRNAs on the development, behaviour, and lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster Dr. Amanda Moehring and Dr. Christopher Brandl

Feb. 16

Shabnam Shamriz Developing plant-produced vaccine candidates against Salmonella infection in chicken Dr. Kathleen Hill and Dr. Rima Menassa

Feb. 9

Jordan VanderBurgt Plant Production of Next-generation Vaccines for Pigs Dr. Susanne Kohalmi and Dr. Rima Menassa

Feb. 9

Nivitha Bhaskar

Development of the reverse genetics tools in the two spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae

Dr. Vojislava Grbic

Feb. 2

Elizabeth Copley

Functional characterization and regulation of isoflavone O-methyltransferases in soybean

Dr.Sangeeta Dhaubhadel and Dr. Kathleen Hill

Jan. 26

Rada Tazhitdinova

The molecular mechanisms regulating galectin-12 expression, secretion and functions

Dr. Alexander Timoshenko