Graduate Courses

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2024 - 2025 Graduate Courses Offered

Summer 2024 Graduate Half Courses
Course Number Title Instructor Notes Format
Biology 9653 Physiology and Biochemistry – Animal Metabolism


Maximum Enrollment:12
Minimum: 5

Fall 2024 Graduate Half Courses
Course Number Title Instructor Notes Format
Biology 9316 Model Systems in Cell and Developmental Biology


Tied to DevBio 9100
Restricted to PhD students

Biology 9915 Analytical Methods & Study Design in Biology


Maximum Enrollment:20

Biology 9960 Topics in Biological Methods (Stable Isotope Applications for Biologists)


Maximum Enrollment:


Fall 2024 Half Courses - Note: Unless otherwise noted, all 2024-2025 graduate courses will be offered in person and are equivalent to 0.5 credits each. Course registration start date to be determined. Please contact the instructor directly for a copy of the course outline.

Winter 2025 Graduate Half Courses
Course Number Title
Instructor Notes Format
Biology 9216 The Third Reviewer



Blended (both in-person and online)
Biology 9442 Soil Ecology


Maximum Enrollment:20

Biology 9600 Physiology & Biochemistry Research I


Maximum Enrollment:24


Course Registration

All graduate students register for Biology graduate courses through the Student Centre.;

Although paperwork will not be required for students enrolling in Biology graduate courses for credit, students who wish to audit Biology graduate courses, take or audit undergraduate courses (approved by their supervisor(s) and advisors in writing) or take or audit out of program courses, will still be required to submit the appropriate paper forms as noted below. This includes enrollment in the collaborative programs Environment & Sustainability and Developmental Biology. 

For additional information on course enrollment, please see the SGPS website.

For registration in out-of-program courses, please use the Biology form linked here.

Course Enrolment Forms and Deadlines

Deadlines for the submission of paper enrollment forms to BGS 2025 for the winter 2022 term are as noted below:

  • For all undergraduate course forms, the deadline is Wednesday, September 14th at 4:00PM
  • For all graduate course forms, the deadline is Tuesday, September 27th at 4:00PM

Interested in more Biology? Check out the seminars we host:

Friday Philosophicals

A weekly seminar series run by the Ecology & Evolution group, allowing graduate students and others to present their research in a collegial environment.

Thursday Physiologicals

Compulsory Participation

This seminar series allows communication of proposed research or recent results to the P&B graduate group.

Cells and Molecular Biology Series

Offers an opportunity for graduate students to communicate their research and research findings