Faculty Affiliations - Graduates

The Graduate Program is divided into three general streams, reflecting the basic areas of research emphasis within the Department of Biology: Cell & Molecular Biology; Ecology & Evolution; and Physiology & Biochemistry. New students identify the stream to which they belong at their first advisory committee meeting. As outlined in the Graduate Handbook, proposal assessments and thesis defenses have particular stream requirements for participating faculty. Stream affiliations of Biology faculty (including adjunct and cross-appointed faculty) are indicated below.

Note: * represents Adjunct Faculty, # represents Cross-Appointed Faculty

Ecology and Evolution

Snails eating a lettuce leaf for Ecology and Evolution

Ecology and Evolution Researcher List
Simon Bonner, PhD #
Ecological Statistics and Modelling
Carrie Branch, PhD# Communication and cognition in avian systems
Brian Branfireun, PhD Ecohydrology, Biogeochemistry and Wetland Ecosystem Science
David Coltman, PhD Conservation Genetics and Ecological Genomics in Wildlife
Irena Creed, PhD Terrestrial & Aquatic Ecology, Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem Services
Hugh Henry, PhD Plant ecology, Biogeochemistry and Global Change Biology
Keith Hobson, PhD Biological Conservation, Isotope Ecology
Nusha Keyghobadi, PhD Molecular Ecology and Landscape Genetics
George Lazarovits, PhD *
Plant Pathology and Soil Ecology
Zoë Lindo, PhD Community ecology, Soil ecology
Fred Longstaffe, PhD #
Natasha MacBean, PhD Climate-Carbon-Vegetation Interactions and Global Change
Beth MacDougall-Shackleton, PhD Behavioural Ecology and Population Genetics of Songbirds
Scott MacDougall-Shackleton, PhD #
Animal Cognition; Behavioural & Cognitive Neuroscience
Jeremy McNeil, PhD Behavioural and Chemical Ecology of Insects
Paul Mensink, PhD Marine Ecology
Amanda Moehring, PhD Genetics of behaviour and species formation
Yolanda Morbey, PhD Evolutionary ecology of life history timing; Great Lakes fisheries
Bryan Neff, PhD Molecular and Behavioural Ecology
Robert Nurse, PhD *
Weed Management and Ecology
Scott Petrie, PhD *
Waterfowl and Wetlands
Ben Rubin, PhD Forest Ecology and Landscape Pathology
Ian Scott, PhD *
Biochemical Measures of Insect Metabolism
Vera Tai, PhD Microbial Ecology
Graeme Taylor, PhD Evolution, Ecology and the Biomechanics of Animal Design
Philip Taylor, PhD *
Avian Ecology
Graham Thompson, PhD Behavioural Genetics and Sociobiology
Greg Thorn, PhD Fungal Ecology and Systematics
Edward Topp, PhD *
Soil Microbiology
Liana Zanette, PhD Wildlife Population, Conservation, and Behavioural Ecology

Cell and Molecular Biology

Microscopic field of algal cells for Cell and Molecular Biology

Cell and Molecular Biology Researcher List
Ryan Austin, PhD * Plant Genomics and Bioinformatics
Yuhai Cui, PhD * Plant Molecular Biology; Seed Development
Robert Cumming, PhD Redox Proteomics and Cell Biology
Mark Daley, PhD #
Natural Computing; Mathematical and Computational Modelling of Genetic Systems
Sashko Damjanovski, PhD Extracellular Matrix Remodelling
Thomas DeFalco, PhD Plant molecular biology and cell signalling
Sangeeta Dhaubhadel, PhD *
Plant Molecular Biology, Secondary Metabolism, Transcription Factors
Cam Donly, PhD *
Molecular Biology, Insects
Thomas Drysdale, PhD #
Developmental Biology, Organogenesis
Martin Duennwald, PhD#
Mark Gijzen, PhD *
Soybean Molecular Genetics
Miodrag Grbic, PhD Developmental Bio., Evolution of Developmental Mechanisms
Vojislava Grbic, PhD Arabidopsis Developmental Genetics
Abdelali Hannoufa, PhD *
Functional Genomics, Secondary Metabolism and Metabolic Engineering
Kathleen Hill, PhD Mutation Analysis, Genome Organisation and Integrity
Jim Karagiannis, PhD Molecular Biology and Genetics of Cell Division
Bogumil Karas, PhD# Synthetic biology, genome engineering
Greg Kelly, PhD Cell Signaling in Vertebrate Embryos
Susanne Kohalmi, PhD Gene Families and Regulation
Shengwu Ma, PhD *
Production of Edible Vaccines from Plants for Immunotherapy
Rima Menassa, PhD *
Plant Molecular Biology
Joshua Pemberton Eukaryotic Cell Biology– Organelle Dynamics, Membrane Trafficking, and Lipid Metabolism
Anthony Percival-Smith, PhD Molecular Mechanisms of Morphogenesis
Michael Pyne, PhD Synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, natural products
Anne Simon, PhD Genetics of Social Behaviour
David Smith, PhD Genome evolution and genetic diversity of microbial eukaryotes
Krzysztof Szczyglowski, PhD *
Plant Genomics & Symbiotic Development in Legumes
Lining Tian, PhD *
Plant Molecular Biology and Plant Biotechnology
Alexander Timoshenko, PhD Cell Biology, Glycobiology, and Galectins
Aiming Wang, PhD *
Plant Genomics, Plant Molecular Biology & Plant Molecular Virology

Physiology and Biochemistry

graduate student taking plaque counts from a cell lawn  for Physiology and Biochemistry

Physiology and Biochemistry Researcher List
Mark Bernards, PhD Plant Secondary Metabolism
Peter Chidiac, PhD #
Regualtion and Function of Heterotrimeric G Proteins
Christopher Guglielmo, PhD Animal Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology
Sheila Macfie, PhD Mechanisms of Metal Tolerance
Frederic Marsolais, PhD *
Protein Chemistry
Natasha Mhatre, PhD Biophysics of Sound and Vibration Communication
Timothy Regnault, PhD
Impact of oxygenation across the life course
Brent Sinclair, PhD Insects at Low Temperatures
Jim Staples, PhD Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry
Raymond Thomas, PhD Lipid metabolism and food systems
Danielle Way, PhD Global Change Biology, Plant Physiology and Ecology