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 (2023) Congratulations to Kristina Laus on winning the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (QEII-GSST)!


(2022) Cell Biology of Galectins book, a special issue of Biomolecules edited by Alexander Timoshenko, was published by MDPI (Basel, Switzerland). See more here:

 (2022) Rada Tazhitdinova wins NSERC CGS-M. Congratulations!

Job-podcast.png (2021) Should You Get Your Masters with Jennifer Kaminker and Holly Deckert. Listen here: The Job Share Podcast

(2021) Rada Tazhitdinova wins Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Congratulations!

(2021) Ahmad Butt wins NSERC USRA. Congratulations!

(2021) Rada Tazhitdinova, Western Gold Medal, Honours Specialization in Genetics. Congratulations!

(2020) Jen Kaminker wins NSERC CGS-M. Congratulations!

(2014) James Vinnai was awarded The Western Science Undergraduate Pre-thesis Award. Congratulations!