Next Steps for Academic Probation

If you are On Probation you will be notified and there are steps you must follow prior to your next registration. Steps are:

  • Check your Student Center for your web registration appointment. Check your degree requirements in the online Academic Calendar.
  • You must contact an Academic Counsellor in the Faculty of Science before you will be permitted to access web registration. You have a hold on your account that will only be removed once you complete the steps outlined below.
    • Create a conflict-free timetable using the “Draft My Schedule” tool on your Student Center. This can be found under “Western Links” on the right-hand side.
      • If you have not yet completed 5.0 first-year courses (numbered 1000-1999), including 1.0 course from a faculty other than Science, you must do so as part of your course selection.
      • If you have not yet completed the first-year prerequisite(s) for the program you wish to enter, with the appropriate mark, you must include this course(s) in your course selection.
      • You may take senior courses (numbered 2000 and above) at the same time as completing your Year 1 requirements, as long as you have the prerequisites.
      • Please ensure that you have completed ALL of the prerequisites for each of the courses you are proposing in your draft schedule.
    • Once you have created your conflict-free timetable, save a draft called “StudentID_FW2017”. Please insert your 9-digit student ID number in this title.
    • Click on “Access Saved Schedules” and then “Year PDF”. Save this PDF as “StudentID_FW2107.pdf”.
    • Download and save the Probation Plan form on your computer. Once you have completed all sections of this form, please save it as “StudentID_Probation.pdf”.
  • Once you have saved your conflict-free timetable and probation plan, e-mail the Academic Counselling unit ( with the following information:
    • The subject of your email must be “On Probation
    • You must include the following information:
      • Name
      • Student ID number
      • Degree/module you wish to complete
      • Your conflict-free timetable and probation plan as attachments (see above for file naming practice)

If your proposed course selection is approved, an Academic Counsellor will respond to your email message to let you know that the hold has been removed from your registration.

If your proposed course selection is not appropriate, you will be informed by email that changes need to be made.  The Academic Counsellor may recommend a follow-up appointment; however, most situations can be dealt with via e-mail.