Mark BernardsWestern Science

Current Lab Members

Dr. Leon Kurepin

Dr. Leon Kurepin, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Plant Hormone Analysis

Dr. Yanni Zhang

Dr. Yanni Zhang, Visiting Scientist

ABA Analysis in Wound-Healing Potatoes

Anica Bjelica

Anica Bjelica, MSc, Technician

Potato Transformation, Soybean Root Suberin

Meg Haggitt

Meghan Haggitt, Phd Candidate

Fatty Acid ω-Hydroxylases in Potato Suberin Biosynthesis

Dimitre Ivanov

Dimitre Ivanov, PhD Candidate

Ginsenosides in the Interaction Between Ginseng and Pythium irregulare

Trish Tully

Trish Tully, MSc Student

Soybean Root Suberin and Resistance to Phytophthora sojae