Mark BernardsWestern Science

Lab Alumni

Post Doctoral Fellows & Visiting Scientists

Dr. Abdullah Makhzoum, Postdoctoral Fellow, Promoter functional analysis and genetic engineering of suberin biosynthesis genes.
Dr. Jane Geisler-Lee Helen Battle Post Doctoral Fellow (co-supervised by Dr. Denis P. Maxwell)

PhD Students

Mirwais Qaderi “Pre- and Post-Dispersal Factors Affecting Cypsela Dormancy in Scotch Thistle (Onopordum acanthium)” (co-supervised by Dr. Paul B. Cavers)
Fawzi Razem “Production of Hydrogen Peroxide During Wound-Induced Suberization in Potato”
Roberto Nicol “The Allelopathy of Ginsenosides”
Suqin Shao “Soybean Seed Coat Cutin”
Wei-Li Yang “Metabolite Profiling of Wound Healing Potato Tubers”
Raymond Thomas “Soybean Root Suberin and Disease Tolerance”
Chris Meyer “Suberin biosynthesis in roots of Iris germanica” (joint-supervision with Dr. Carol Peterson, Biology, U. Waterloo)

MSc Students

Xiaolong Yang “An Antimicrobial Compound from Impatiens balsamina
Kristen Summerhurst “Isoform Specific Antibodies for Potato Peroxidases”
Di Shao “Biologically Active Triterpenoids from Tripterygium wilfordii
Clayton Crawley “Characterization of Six Prephenate Dehydratase-Like Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana (co-supervised by Susanne Kohalmi, Biology, UWO)
Lina Yousef “Biotransformation of Ginsenosides by Pathogens of Ginseng”
Andreea Neculai “Ginseoside-specific glycosidases from Pythium irregulare
Bolaji Adeniji “The role of organic acids in Cd tolerance in wheat” (joint-supervision with Dr. Sheila Macfie, Biology, UWO)
Stephanie Anderson “Characterization of a p-coumaroyltyramine-3-hydroxylase (CYP98X) associated with suberization in potato tubers”
Daniel Lee “Promotor analysis of an w-hydroxylase (CYP86A) associated with suberization in potato tubers”
Jessica Koteles “Soybean Omega hydroxylases”
Pooja Sharma “Characterization of Soybean Hairy Roots”

Undergraduate Students

Jorge Georgakopolous

Trish Tully
Muna Basahi
Natalie Westwood
Aviroop Biswas
Pooja Sharma
Naghmeh Alizadeh
Dimitre Ivanov
Dan Klaas
Daniel Lee
Ashley Summerfield
Matt Welsh
Wahid Pabani
Zahida Meghji
Louis Hui
Beatrix Czikkel
Laura Kennedy
Chelsea Simpson
Marie Davey
Rupa Murthi
Mazen Al-Beldawi
Ryan Dunne
Lina Yousef
Sarah Johnston
Mike Gardner
Kelly Belgrave
Jeff Cowger
Ronny Priefer (UNBC)
Dena Hutchison (UNBC)
Anita Sabatino (UNBC)
David Llewellyn (UNBC)
Warren Fleming (UNBC)