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Required to Withdraw

A student who does not satisfy the minimum Progression Requirements for continuation of study at Western and is not eligible for probation or who has exceeded the maximum number of failed courses allowed (6.0 courses), will be required to withdraw from the University for a minimum of twelve months.

Not sure if you were Required to Withdraw?

Students are expected to use the twelve month period to better prepare themselves for return, and in cases of medical illness, heal.

Nearing the conclusion of the twelve month period, the student may apply for readmission to Western. Readmission is neither automatic nor guaranteed.

If a student has been required to withdraw and has experienced serious medical or personal difficulties, for which documentation can be provided, may apply for a Dean's Waiver of Progression Requirements. The deadline is June 30. If granted, the student must adhere to the specific conditions imposed in the Dean's Waiver.

The Office of the Ombudsperson's Guide to Readmission after Being Required to Withdraw

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