Requests for Academic Consideration

We understand that there may be times when you are unable to complete your academic responsibilities. School of Kinesiology students who will be unable to complete their academic responsibilities for medical, religious, compassionate, or varsity reasons must receive academic consideration.

Instructions for consideration procedures, as well as information on required supporting documentation, is outlined by consideration type below.

Please Note:

  • Academic consideration is not automatically approved and shall be granted only where the documentation indicates that the onset, duration and severity of the illness are such that the student could not reasonably be expected to complete his/her academic responsibilities
  • It will not be sufficient to provide documentation indicating simply that the student “was seen for a medical reason” or “was ill.”
  • Medical consideration may NOT be approved for minor illness like colds, non-acute vomiting or diarrhea, menstrual cramps, insomnia, or for past illnesses
    • There is no expectation that a student must be in optimum physical or mental condition to carry out their academic responsibilities
  • Whenever possible, students requiring academic consideration should provide notification and documentation in advance of due dates, examinations, etc. Students must follow up with their instructors(s) directly in a timely manner once consideration has been approved by the academic counsellor
  • Students wishing to speak to an academic advisor regarding their request for academic consideration can make a Quick Question Appointment