Book an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with an undergraduate academic counsellor in the School of Kinesiology, please use the online booking system below. Please note that there are different types of appointments available depending on the individual needs of the student. Different types of appointments are also available at different times of the year (ie. Add/Drop etc.)

Once you have submitted your appointment request, it will be reviewed by a member of the School of Kinesiology academic services team. There are certain situations in wich we may have to cancel your appointment. Any cancellation notice sent will include rationale for cancelling the appointment. Reasons for cancellation may include:

  • Questions that can be managed by email
  • Incorrect appointment type
  • You require assistance from another department/office on campus
  • Your are not a current Western student

NOTE: This booking system is provided by a third party (BookedIN). We recommend that students do not include any personal or confidential information when completing the comments/reasons for booking sections of the form. Students who wish to not share information online through this booking system may schedule an appointment by calling the School office.