Laura Misener, PhD

Laura Misener

Director and
Associate Professor


  • PhD (Alberta)
  • MHK (Windsor)
  • BHK (McMaster)

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Management and Leadership
  • Sociocultural Studies

Research Interests

  • Social Impact of Sport and Events
  • Disability Sport and Paralympic Games
  • Physical activity and sport policy analysis
  • Intersections of sport, physical activity, and health promotion

Additional Information

Recent Publications

A comprehensive list of publications is available through Google Scholar.

Books Authored

  • Frawley, S., Misener, L., Locke, D. & Schulenkorf, N. (2019). Global Sport Leadership. London, UK: Routledge.
  • Misener, L., McPherson, G., McGillivray, D. & Legg, D. (2018). Leveraging Disability Sport Events: Impacts, Promises, and Possibilities. London, UK: Routledge.

Chapters in Edited Books

  • Misener, L. & Lu, D. (2020). Changing parasport landscape and the evolution of the International Paralympic Committee governance. In Y. Yammamoto, B. Seguin, B. Garcia and D. Chatziefstathiou, Research Handbook in Olympic and Paralympic Games. London: Routledge.
  • Rich, K. A. & Misener, L. (2020). Resisting, reproducing, and recreating rurality: Leisure in contemporary rural communities. In T. Blackshaw & T. Glover (Eds.), Leisure and its Communities: Rethinking Mutuality, Collective Expression and Belonging in the New Century. Routledge.
  • Misener, L. & Wasser, K. (2020). Participatory Sport and Sport for Development: Response to Dr. Hayhurst. In J. Welty-Peachey and B.C. Green Partnerships for Sport Development and Peace. Urbana, IL: Sagamore.
    Misener, L., & Howe, P.D. (2019). Sports and Disability. In J. Maguire, M. Falcous, and K. Liston, Business and Culture of Sports: Society, Politics, Economy, and Environment. London: Cengage. [Book Awarded Prose Award from Association of American Publishers]
  • Misener, L., Bodin, K. & Quinn, N. (2019). Paralympics Paradox: Paralympics, Para-sport Bodies, and Legacies of Media Representation. In B. Hadley and D. MacDonald, Routledge Handbook of Disability Arts, Culture, and Media. London, UK: Routledge.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Quinn, N., Misener, L., & Howe, P.D. (2020). Too many chairs. Spatiality and Disability in Integrated Sporting Spaces. Sociology of Sport Journal.
  • Misener, L., Lu, L., & Carlisi, R. (2020). Leveraging events to develop collaborative partnerships: Examining the formation and collaborative dynamics of the Ontario Parasport Legacy Group. Journal of Sport Management.
  • Pearson, E. & Misener, L. (2020). Canadian Media Representations of Para-athletes for the 2016 Paralympic Games. Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies, 28, 1-29.
  • Misener, L., Bodin, K., & *Kay, M. (2020). Governing Integration in Sport Systems: A Case Study of Swimming Canada. Case Studies in Sport Management, 8, S39-44.
  • Rich, K. A. & Misener, L. (2020). Get Active Powassan: Developing sport and recreation programs and policies through participatory action research in a rural community context. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health, 12(2), 272-288.
  • Sant, S., Misener, L., & Mason, D. (2020). Leveraging sport events for tourism gain in host cities: a regime perspective. Journal of Sport & Tourism,23:4, 203-223.
  • Bassi, H., Lee, C., Misener, L., Johnson, A.M. (2020). Exploring the characteristics of crowdsourcing: An online observational study. Journal of Information Science, Vol. 46(3) 291–312.
  • McGillivray, D., O’Donnell, H., McPherson, G., & Misener, L. (2019). Repurposing the (Super) Crip: Media Representations of Disability at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Communication & Sport, 2167479519853496.
  • Chen, S. & Misener, L. (2019). Event Leveraging in a Non-Host Region: Challenges and Opportunities. Journal of Sport Management, 33, 275-288.
  • Rich, K. & Misener, L. (2019). Playing on the periphery: Troubling sport policy, systemic exclusion, and the role of sport in rural Canada. Social Inclusion. Doi: 10.17645/si.v5i2.1060
  • Chen, C., Mason, D., & Misener, L. (2018). Exploring media coverage of the 2017 World Indigenous Games: A critical discourse analysis. Event Management, 22(6), 1009-1025.

Other Research Dissemination and Public Exhibitions

  • Silk et al. (AHRC Research Team) (2020). ‘Re-presenting para-sport bodies: Disability and the cultural legacy of the Paralympic Games’ – AHRC Project Report. Available from
  • Red Balloon Production [in conjunction with AHRC research Team] (2020). Parallel Lines (Documentary Film - the film is part of our wider research project dissemination Re-Presenting Para-Sport Bodies; PASCCAL).
  • Silk et al. (AHRC Research Team) (July 2-5, 2020). Bodyparts Exhibition. An exhibition exploring artists interpretations of research on the cultural legacy of the Paralympics and public attitudes towards disability. Asian House, London, UK.

In the Media

Research Affiliations

  • Sport Management at Western
  • North American Society for Sport Management - Member-at Large
  • North American Society for Sport Sociology
  • European Association for Sport Management
  • Leisure Studies Association

Teaching Areas

  • Sport Management
  • Sport-for-development


Professional Activities

  • Associate Editor, Leisure Science
  • 2016 Guest Editor, Special Issue on Blurring Sector Boundaries & New Organizational Forms: Journal of Sport Management
  • 2014 Guest Editor, Special Issue on Managing Disability Sport: Sport Management Review (Volume 17, 2014)
  • Member, Ontario Parasport Legacy Planning Committee
  • Member International Paralympic Committee Impacts Research Group
  • Chair, Sport Matters ‘Sport for Development’ Think Tank

Ongoing Funded Projects

  • Shoemaker, K., Misener, L. et al. (2016-2019). Smart Healthy Campus. Western Interdisciplinary Development Initiative. (Value $200,000)
  • Taks, M., Misener, L., Chalip, L., & Green, C. (2016-2019). Building Capacity for Sport Participation through Events. SSHRC/Sport Canada (Value $134,000)
  • Misener, L., McPherson, G., & Legg, D. (2015-2017). Leveraging Parasport Events for Sustainable Community Participation. SSHRC/Sport Canada (Value $143,000)