Sports Management at WesternWestern Health Sciences
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Sport Management at Western

Welcome to Sport Management at Western! Sport management is an exciting discipline ranging from the development of new sport products and policies, to the administration of interuniversity athletics and community sport, recreation and active living programs, to the marketing and management of professional sport franchises, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The study and practice of sport management builds on the disciplines of business, law, organizational psychology, sociology, recreation, and kinesiology. The field of sport management is unique in that it captures a variety of sub-disciplines and is studied in a wide variety of contexts. Sub-disciplines include sport marketing, leadership, organizational behaviour, organizational theory, legal aspects, communication, sport for development, tourism, event management and legacy planning, and pedagogy. Sport management is studied and practiced in a variety of contexts: nonprofit and commercial sport; local, regional, provincial, national and global sport organizations; sport, recreation and fitness for participants and spectators.

The School of Kinesiology offers a range of courses in sport, recreation and active living management (that may be taken in conjunction with other KIN courses and programs/modules), an Honours BA Specialization in Sport Management, as well as a Master's and Doctoral program.

Sport Management in an Active Community

Sport is recognized as a potentially powerful mechanism for the health and well-being of individuals and their communities, given the physical and mental benefits, economic returns, and social capital that may be associated with participation. The study and practice of sport management is directed towards the efficient and effective development, implementation, and evaluation of programs, products, and services that may enhance these benefits.

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