Vision & Guiding Principles

Our Vision:

The vision of the Indigenous Program is to support community healthcare innovations that improve the prevention, management and understanding of diabetes, and that ultimatley lead to closing the healthcare gap for Indigenous communities across Canada.

Our Guiding Principles:

To achieve our vision, the Indigenous Program honours the OCAP® principles and the Participatory Action Research principles. The Program is built upon and operates according to three core principles: 

Reciprocal Relationships

  • Reciprocal relationships and meaningful collaborations with Indigenous community partners 

Centering Indigenous Communities

  • Centering local Indigenous Knowledge and worldview

  • Centering community-driven/community-centric and community-based programs 

  • Centering community-driven innovations combining community programs and clinical services

  • Strengthening available community resources

Learning & Adaptation

  • Ongoing learning and adaptation of program processes