Clinical Trials

Clinical team sharing a computer screen

Program Overview

The Clinical Trials Program has actively engaged in over 30 investigator initiated and pharmaceutical funded clinical trials phased 2-4. Participants for these trials are recruited to help investigate treatments that focus on a new drug, combination of drugs, or a new strategy for existing therapies. Through these trials, the program contributes invaluable information to the field of medical therapy, influencing research and understanding of new ways to better prevent, detect and understand diabetes around the globe.

We are currently seeking participants with Type 2 diabetes for 2 active clinical trials: REMIT-IDegLira and Lixilan One CAN”.

For more information about the trial, including eligibility, please contact Marnie Orcutt.

Current Trials  


Our Team is currently running five active studies at our fully-equipped research site, which include: Remit-IDegLira; Lixilan One CAN; Remit-iGlarLixi; RESET IT; and PROMISE.

Currently Recruiting


We are seeking individuals with type 2 diabetes to participate in the trials, REMIT-IDegLira and Lixilan One CAN. The purpose of the REMIT-IDegLira study is to learn more about early diabetes and whether it can be reversed or put into ‘remission’. The purpose of the Lixilan One CAN study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of using a simple daily titration (daily dose adjustment) of the study drug compared to weekly titration (weekly dose adjustment).