Vision, Mission & Values


Our Vision

The Diabetes Alliance will be a global leader in diabetes research by cultivating collaborative partnerships and research excellence through innovation and translation of findings into discoveries.

We will lead in:

  • Enhancing the understanding of the diabetes disease burden and distribution of disease.

  • Advocating for changes in policy and the healthcare system that consider broad determinants of health for enhanced diabetes prevention and management. 

  • Developing and assessing the impact of innovative strategies, healthcare initiatives, and models.

  • Fostering training and professional development opportunities for students, communities and healthcare professionals.

  • Establishing and fostering alliances with industry, academia, research agencies, communities, patients and funders to optimize knowledge translation.

Our Mission

The Diabetes Alliance improves the health and health equity of people with diabetes and chronic diseases by developing and evaluating strategies to improve healthcare delivery and clinical outcomes.

Our Core Values

We embrace the following core values:

  • Authentic and respectful partnerships built on meaningful collaboration and a dynamic team-based approach.

  • Providing transdisciplinary research and translation into real-world impactful change.

  • Innovation and continual excellence in research and mentorship.