About Us

The Diabetes Alliance is a bedrock for healthcare innovations and research in Canada. Located at the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine at Western University, the Diabetes Alliance pursues a diverse research portfolio to close the gap in chronic disease care and enhance its understanding and clinical management. Under the leadership of Dr. Stewart Harris, the Alliance has completed over 40 projects, partnered with more than 30 Indigenous communities & healthcare partners and brought-in over $25M in research funding.

Our Focus Areas

Today, the Diabetes Alliance focuses its work on Indigenous health, Clinical Trials and Hypoglycemia. Explore our programs and see how we are making an impact. 

Our Vision 

The vision of the Diabetes Alliance is to be a global leader in diabetes research by cultivating collaborative partnerships and research excellence through innovation and translation of findings into discoveries.

To achieve our vision, the Diabetes Alliance will lead in:

Enhancing the Understanding of Diabetes

  • Enhancing the understanding of the diabetes disease burden and distribution of disease.

Advocating for Changes in Policy & the Healthcare System

  • Advocating for changes in policy and the healthcare system that consider broad determinants of health for enhanced diabetes prevention and management. 

Developing & Assessing Impact

  • Developing and assessing the impact of innovative strategies, healthcare initiatives, and models.

Training & Professional Development

  • Fostering training and professional development opportunities for students, communities and healthcare professionals.

Establishing & Fostering Alliances

  • Establishing and fostering alliances with industry, academia, research agencies, communities, patients and funders to optimize knowledge translation.

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Founding Partnership

In 2008, Western University and the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) joined together to establish the Diabetes Alliance, formerly known as The National Diabetes Management Strategy (TNDMS) with the objective of advancing the management of diabetes in Canada. Each committed $1 million to the Strategy and committed to raise a further $3 million to support the activities of the CDA Chair and the various components of the Strategy.

Our work relies on generous donations from the private sector that complement the commitments of Western University and Diabetes Canada. To learn more about how you can contribute, please contact Susan Webster-Bogaert