Hypoglycemia Program

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Program Overview

Low blood sugar (otherwise known as hypoglycemia) is an adverse event of common diabetes medications, and a critical challenge to optimal diabetes management. Deeper insight into the population-based distribution of hypoglycemia, and the factors influencing its occurrence, is necessary to identify people at highest risk of hypoglycemia and avenues for improved clinical intervention. 

The Hypoglycemia Program seeks to generate novel evidence around the real-world epidemiology of hypoglycemia, regionally and globally. Our Program aims to acquire the most comprehensive understanding of hypoglycemia through investigations of not only people with diabetes, but also of significant others and healthcare providers who are integrally involved in its management. 

Current Studies



The goals of the InHypo-DM study are to capture the real-world burden of hypoglycemia in Canada and to better understand the complex factors that influence hypoglycemia management behaviour in adult Canadians with diabetes, significant others of people with diabetes, and healthcare providers. For more information about this study, please contact Alexandria Ratzki-Leewing