Past Courses

Year: 2018-2019

Classics 9000 Core Course Wilson/Suksi/Steinbock/Gervais
Classics 9552A The Archaeology and History of Roman Britain Greene
Classics 9533B Art and Nationalism in 5th Century Athens
Greek 9210A Homer's Iliad Suksi
Greek 9160B Greek Prose (Oratory) Steinbock
Latin 9150A Caesar Nousek
Latin 9222B Roman Elegy Pogorzelski

Year: 2017-2018

Classics 9000 Core Course Wilson/Suksi/Steinbock/Gervais
Classics 9552A Topography of Rome Meyer
Classics 9354B Women in Antiquity Olson
Greek 9230A Greek Poetry (Drama) Suksi
Greek 9904B Greek Prose (Thucydides) Steinbock
Latin 9100A Latin Prose (Historiography) Murison
Latin 9220B Latin Poetry (Catullus)

Year: 2016-2017

Classics 9000 Core Course Wilson/Suksi/Meyer/Pogorzelski
Classics 9533A Art & Nationalism in 5th Century Athens Wilson
Classics 9552B Bay of Naples Greene
Greek 9903A Elegy, Epic, and the Archaic Greek Polis Stocking
Greek 9230B Greek Drama: Sophocles' Ajax Brown
Latin 9902A Catilinarian Conspiracy Nousek
Latin 9903B Claudian's De Raptu Proserpinae Gervais

Year: 2015-2016

Classics 9000

Core Course Wilson/Suksi/Pogorzelski/Steinbock
Classics 9354A Urbanism, Architecture, and Society in Imperial Rome Olson
Classics 9552B Roman Archaeology: Imperialism and Romanization Greene
Greek 9210B Greek Epic Poetry: Homer Stocking
Greek 9220A Greek Lyric: Pindar Brown
Greek 9902B Plato, Symposium Suksi
Latin 9155A Latin Epigraphy


Latin 9902B Age of Nero



Year: 2014-2015

Classics 9000 Core Course Wilson/Brown/Meyer/Pogorzelski
Classics 9351A The Bay of Naples Greene
Classics 9354B Women in Antiquity: Artefact, Text, Image Olson
Greek 9171B Early Greek Thought Brown
Greek 9230A Greek Tragedy Beyond the City Suksi
Latin 9221A Horace's Odes Gervais
Latin 9902B Casear Nousek

Year: 2013-2014

Classics 9000 Core Course Wilson/Sharp/Nousek/Pogorzelski
Classics 9351B Imperial Roman Society Olson
Classics 9552A Roman Britain Greene
Greek 9220A Greek Lyric Poetry Brown
Greek 9220B Greek Poetry Selections Dawson
Greek 9902B Plato and Aristophanes Sharp
Greek 9903 Greek Religion Stocking
Latin 9100A Latin Prose Selections Meyer
Latin 9200B Latin Poetry Selections Meyer
Latin 9902A The Flavians (Greek and Roman Sources) Murison
Latin 9902B Roman Elegy Pogorzelski

Year: 2012-2013

Classics 9000 Core Course Wilson / Brown/ Nousek/ Pogorzelski
Classics 9351B The Roman Family Olson
Classics 9553A Art & Nationalism in 5th Century Athens Wilson
Classics 9552B Topography of Rome Greene
Greek 9902A Greeks Bearing Gifts: Value and the Problems of Gift Exchange in Greek Literature Stocking
Greek 9903A Plato Phaedrus Sharp
Greek 9903B Greek Comedy Brown
Latin 9210A Virgil's Aeneid Pogorzelski
Latin 9150B Roman Historiography: Livy on the Hannibalic War Nousek

Year: 2011-2012

Classics 9000 Core Course Wilson / Brown/ Steinbock / Carter
Classics 9450A Roman History 1000-264 BCE: The Beginnings of Rome Olson
Classics 9552B Roman Imperialism Greene
Greek 9902A Plato's Symposium Suksi
Greek 9160B Greek Oratory: Demosthenes on the Crown Steinbock
Greek 9230B Aeschylus Brown
Latin 9902B Ciceronian Oratory in Theory and Practice Nousek
Latin 9903A Roman Comedy Carter
Latin 9904A The Age of Nero Pogorzelski

Year: 2010-2011

Classics 9000 Core Course Brown / Wilson / Steinbock / Carter
Classics 9350 Roman Masculinity Olson
Classics 9532 Art and Culture in Archaic Athens Wilson
Greek 9175 Greek Medicine Potter
Greek 9230 Homer MacLachlan
Greek 9903 Plato's Gorgias Sharp
Latin 9220 Catullus Brown
Latin 9902 Tacitus' History Murison