Bonnie MacLachlan

Bonnie_2018.jpgEmeritus Professor

BA (Carleton), MA (Ottawa), PhD (Toronto)
Department of Classical Studies
University of Western Ontario



  • 2019 Curriculum Vitae Available Online, Click Here

Research Interests:

  • Early Greek poetry
  • Greek Myth and Religion
  • Gender and Ritual
  • Ancient Music

Publications Include:

  • Harmonia Mundi: Musica E Filosofia Nell'antichità = Music and Philosophy in the Ancient World. Roma: Edizioni dell'Ateneo, 1991.
  • The Age of Grace: Charis in Early Greek Poetry. Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press, 1993.
  • Articles on Greek poetry, gender and sexuality in Greek cults, Greek myth
  • Virginity Revisited. Configurations of the Unpossessed Body. Co-edited with Judith Fletcher (University of Toronto Press 2007) pp.viii, 204.
  • Seda's Story. A Memoir. (Sumach Press 2009). pp. 135.
  • Women in Ancient Greece. A Sourcebook. (Continuum Press 2012) pp. xii, 232.
  • Thalia Delighting in Song. Essays on Ancient Greek Poetry by Emmet I. Robbins (University of Toronto Press 2013) pp. xviii, 324.
  • Women in Ancient Rome. A Sourcebook. (Bloomsbury Press 2013) pp. ix, 222.